Wuradla Abimbola (Gold) has an amazing classic voice for a young woman of 25 that will really make you stand up to attention by merging the power of Tina Turner with the style and finesse of Billie Holiday. Vocally, she is able to bring great expression of stirring feelings that can also articulate a wholesome story lyrically that will touch the hearts of millions. She has been singing since the age of 7 in a choir at the Christ Family Assembly in Lewisham and started songwriting at the age of 13.


She came to Michael Francis (an experienced vocal tutor) at 15 where her voice was nurtured and developed further to mould her into the complete artist. It feels like she may have been reincarnated back into our time of today with the old school sound that she brings when she sings.

Watch out for this young lady, as once heard she will never be forgotten and may become like many other great legends that have past through our time.


Maria’s remarkable voice encapsulates the characteristics of Dolly Parton that explains her main love for Country music. The tones of her voice rise and soar with effortless projection, almost giving the impression she is floating upon a breath of wind. Always impeccably dressed and well turned out, her dedication to her craft is evident as is the influence and support she has with her mum.


These strong relationships with her family enable bold and self-assured songwriting that has an exuberant quality. Her eclectic taste in mixing traditional genres with more contemporary styles has seen her perform since a young age at gigs, events and recording studio work. She’d be a fantastic ambassador for the Travelling Community that she supports herself being the figurehead to those that wish to follow in her footsteps. At home with solo voice and guitar, Maria has ambitions to perform with Changing Places with new material currently being penned. 




With a proven record as an administrator at MEL Productions in giving professional customer care services to disadvantaged individuals, offering advice and guidance, this artist is also a singer-songwriter from London renowned for delivering vocals best described as a deep rich baritone sound.  She is working with Producer Michael Francis at MEL Productions Artists Studios, based in London.  

A creative and artistic vocalist/singer-songwriter, Pauline has garnered 15 years of performing both live and in the studio. She is skilled in teaching vocal techniques, music programming, playing the drums and dapples on the piano. Her songs display an infectious, uplifting and joyous groove that leaves a warm glow in the listener.  Pauline has also further advanced herself, gaining a BA Hons in Music Productions Business at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP), then a Masters Degree in Record Production at the University of West London. 

She also has a passion for clothes making and studied at the Kensington and Chelsea College, qualifying in Fashion and Clothing Design (Pattern Cutting) Level 1 and 2  and Level 2 in Theatrical Costume Design.