The band will be collaborating with up and coming artists/singer-songwriters, most prominent of them being ‘Gold’ with her new single ‘More To Life’ that has a smooth soulful R&B vibe.  Another artist ‘Pauline Paul’ has a Karen Carpenter lilt with her track ‘Never Ending’, which is a soft pop ballad.   


The band's first release is a charity song called ‘Christmas (And A Happy New Year)’ which will be out on the 25th November 2014.  Jon Staples and Michael Francis wrote this track with arrangement by Michael himself.  Changing Places are now planning to do some gigs which will be announced soon.


The band is planning to do a small tour in the Spring of 2015 around Europe and New Zealand.  The aim is to establish themselves as a renowned touring band, which will be unleashed to a wider target audience around the world.