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Pauline's interest in music began at the age of 13, the time she attended Sarah Siddens Secondary Girls School (which is now known as North Westminster School in Edgware Road/Paddington). She learned how to play the guitar and joined a School band where her singing originally started. At an evening function held and organised by the school (in front of her fellow School friends and family), she did her first-ever performance. After leaving school at 16 years of age, with an 'O' level in Art, she attended a Youth Club called The Avenues and learned how to play the drums and pursued her interest in the world of cat-walk fashion modelling - adding another string to her bow.


She then left her modelling career after a few years. However, despite experiencing the misfortunes in her life that set her back, Pauline was still determined to continue her love of music when she bought herself a Roland recording keyboard and began her passion by creating her style of lyrics. 


Although she officially started her musical career in 1999 when she joined MEL, she has always had the enthusiasm and talent to enter the world of show business. She has recorded and performed to a wide range of audiences while providing administrational support to MEL sharing her expertise. Her new single, 'If at Least I'd Get a Chance', is currently playing on various internet radio stations.


She has a style of writing lyrics that has the essence of grace and style that can touch the public's hearts. The combination of her voice has a slight baritone jazz flavour that combines with each melody and line that she writes, the sound of an angel that tingles and touches the spirit and soul that lives within all of us.  


Her influences are artists from the Lovers Rock/Reggae Artists such as:

  • Louisa Mark

  • Carol Thompson

  • Janet Kay

  • Dennis Brown

Other influences are artists from the R&B, such as:

  • Whitney Houston, 

  • Madonna, Mariah Carey  

  • Joe, 

Pauline will become a successful singer and a legend. She would like to leave a legacy as an artist that brought joy to all her community listeners, bringing people together to enjoy the music, bringing peace and happiness.  

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