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A highly creative songwriter with strong people skills and a broad range of experience in training, coaching, advising, mentoring and supporting groups and individuals, including young people, adults, special needs, young people facing school exclusion and minority communities. His unquenchable thirst for writing has shaped a body of work that delivers poetry and storytelling in musical format. These qualities have shaped Jon’s continued development as a sensitive and sincere 21st century troubadour, forging an almost seamless unison of voice and guitar to produce songs of a magical distinction. 



Jacob’s unique and zestful guitar playing has seen him perform with an eclectic fleet of musicians ranging from flamenco dancing duos to alternative rock groups going back to his art college years. Often performing as a solo guitarist to showcase his methods, he has played at festivals, events and functions around the country whilst giving lessons on the guitar on a one-to-one basis from beginner to advanced abilities. The visual imagery from his playing paints a colourful and vibrant splash that is a joy to behold.



Feeling the groove is at the heart of Filippo’s animated and vivacious bass playing of 15 years; this explains how he can effortlessly add depth and shape to the rhythm of any given song. His background includes live performing, recording, teaching, jam night hosting and bass maintenance repair. During this period he has performed at countless festivals, shows, TV appearances and orchestral productions in and around the Lombardy/Tuscany regions of Italy as well as prestigious venues in London. Currently Filippo is involved with 3 teaching agencies in the UK capital, schooling bass guitar, electric/acoustic guitar, drums/percussion to all ages and abilities. His enthusiastic approach surges through his funky picking and slap techniques that serve the essence of his modus operandi; “Groove is my life, just one note can explain everything”.


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Ashley Dublin has been a musician for years, playing various instruments. He and his family are known for their musical background, and Ashley himself has also become known among different musicians for his style and feel, showing lots of passion when he plays. As a self-taught artist, this has earned him the respect as a bass player within the generation he grew up in. When performing, he really expresses his love for his instruments. He started playing the drums at a young age, playing regularly with his father Eddie Dublin and his band (a well-known bass player playing soul music), which was popular back in those days. As time went on, he got the opportunity to own his first bass guitar by trading one of his denim jackets, and since then, he has never looked back.

He had his own band called Sahara for about 17/18 years. After that, he has played with various bands/artists, supporting the likes of Shakatak, Rose Royce, Beverly Knight, Phil Collins and many more. While earning money as a DJ at a nightclub called Ashley Point in the early eighties, he played all types of music for several years; he decided to move to London from Great Yarmouth to expand his opportunities. Most of his playing and rehearsals were done at MEL Productions rehearsal studio, playing with a band called Soul Shak. There he met Michael Francis, head of MEL Productions, a producer, singer and songwriter. Both Ashley and Michael got together and worked on various music production, writing and producing for various artists (signed and unsigned acts) for some years. Then he eventually joined the band Changing Places.



Michael’s influence on the band is all encompassing; his heart, vision and soul are irresistible and contagious. His music career spans over 30 years from an Independent Producer, Arranger, Engineer, Songwriter, Vocal Tutor and Musical Director combining genres that include R&B, Soul, Jazz, Garage, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Rock and Country/folk to name but a few. He has also performed in various places in London such as Ronnie Scott, La La Piano Bar, Royal Albert Hall, Hammersmith ODEON, and Jazz Cafe.  He has done numerous park events and has toured around Europe.


An experienced Music Tutor/Play Leader who has introduced and established his own company running media and music projects at MEL Productions. He has managed and motivated children (age range 5-14 years and clients 16-25 upwards with learning difficulties and others who are young offenders) and instilled interest giving music career advice and crafts through group and one-to-one tutoring within community based projects. His knowledge of music and of the local community is a platform that he uses to help unemployed musicians looking for advice and guidance.


As the symbolic heartbeat that keeps the group pulsating, he is always striving to refine both the music and artists involved in the project; the central cog in the multi-faceted organism that keeps on moving! 



A drummer and percussionist who has accumulated a range of experience playing in rock/pop bands, backing musician for singer-songwriters and a host of function bands. Kristian has recorded on numerous albums and done sessions for established and up-and-coming artists over a 10 year period. During that time he has toured extensively throughout the UK and Europe performing at several large international festivals. After leaving school at 16 he started as a drum kit tutor, giving one-to-one tuition to many a pupil. With a fondness for many a genre of music, he is adept at heightening a song’s potential by texturing his drumming to suit the mood of that particular track.



A guitarist supreme. Kenny’s credits include studio (recording/performing/producing), live, TV, radio gigging, songwriting and musical directing. He has crafted another career as a teacher, using his knowledge to develop performing techniques to students with learning difficulties, giving private and peripatetic guitar lessons from beginner to advanced levels in various schools/colleges. Also he has lent his abilities to aspiring singers (ages 11-15 and 16- 26). His calm and self-assured approach to all aspects of his craft show in his effortless guitar playing.

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